CLU Creative Animation Program

Creating a unique, tailored environment to meet the needs and strengths of our students is one of our priorities.  To that end, CLU is pleased to announce our Creative Animation program is now a formal offering to our students.

This flexible, expressive medium incorporates visual, tactile and auditory input and promotes planning, sequencing, problem solving, and collaboration. Animation can also increase motivation in students who prefer video games or technological creativity to class work or physical activities.  Click here to watch a short clip of this program in action.

Under the guidance of our Animation instructor, Jennifer Stillwell, Creative Animation students embarked upon the CLU Mascot Dance project in the fall of 2014 and learned the importance of protecting intellectual property by copyrighting their group’s name, the CLU Animaneers, as well as how to use Adobe’s program suite (i.e., Illustrator, Flash and Premiere Elements).

Designed, voiced, scored, and animated 100% by the CLU Animaneers: