adult transition program

Personal Milestones

Our Personal Milestones offering helps students learn the skills necessary for greater independence and community engagement as young adults.

This program features the best transition practices in the educational, behavioral and positive youth development arenas, personalized transition plans, and contextually applied experiences and skill development opportunities. Taken together, Personal Milestones’ mission is help students acquire meaningful skills necessary to sustain their desired quality of life.

Personal Milestones is offered during our academic school year calendar and instruction is held during traditional school hours Monday through Friday.

A student between the age of eighteen until age twenty-two may choose to participate in the Personal Milestones program either through private tuition or through the plan laid forth in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


We believe that the most meaningful learning takes place when activities have personal relevance. As such, students and their families partner with our staff to craft a personalized transition plan that maps their current capabilities and future aspirations, recognizing strengths, preferences and gaps.

The community is the landscape for implementing Personal Milestones curriculum. The community may be a leisure activity, restaurant, the CLU kitchen, wherever the curriculum should be implemented to best benefit practice of the student’s competence. Career exploration and preparation are imbedded within program activities via volunteer job experiences that provide pre-employment skill development and practice.

For more information on our Personal Milestones program, please call 310-997-1900 (ext. 3) to speak to our Assistant Director.
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