Relationship-based Activity Program (RAP)

The Center’s Relationship-based Activity Program (RAP) provides an ideal opportunity for students to practice relationship skills in a planned and supervised social setting. This is an especially good match for those in elementary, middle and early high school who have difficulty making friends, are isolated from peers/adults or who have had poor outcomes from other social skills training programs.

Our low student/staff ratio further supports the needs of students who have attention deficit issues, learning disabilities, Asperger’s Syndrome or Bipolar Disorder. We focus on the joy of making friends, developing empathy, responsibility and respect, and learning skills to share our world with others.  This program is open to all students regardless of their “regular” school (i.e., open to students not enrolled at CLU).

Comments from some of our parents and families about RAP…

Our 17 year old son Evan began attending CLU RAP program last year after school each Thursday.  In the first several months of his attendance, he was very quiet and preferred to sit outside the group if possible. Evan is now in his second year of RAP and is much more interactive with the teens in the group and looks forward to attending each week. He wakes up each Thursday and announces that “today is RAP day!”.

The RAP staff is organized and has an activity plan each week.  The activities are always fun and planned to encourage sociability and interaction between the students.  Evan is able to practice his communication and social skills with other students while engaged in the RAP activities such as bowling, food shopping, cooking, hiking, kite flying, eating at a picnic, or watching a movie.   Evan has developed friendships with other students in the program and is now able to generalize his communication skills outside the classroom.  When we pick him up after RAP, his communication is rich with who/what/when/where descriptions of his afternoon.  As a parents, we are most thankful for the RAP program and dedicated staff who continue to engage Evan each week!

–     Peter and Lisa Zucker

For more information, or to apply to this program, please complete our Application form or call 310-997-1900.