Letter from the Director

Dear Families,

As The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU) celebrates its 18th anniversary as a therapeutic day school for children and youth with unique, complex learning challenges (e.g., developmental differences, attention deficit issues, learning disabilities, Bipolar Disorder), I wanted to take a moment and reflect on a hallmark of our work with students: encouraging their journey towards success.

Our growth and service to our community as an organization has been a fortunate progression guided by the belief that each student should have hope and a path forward to learning.  CLU started as a small tutoring agency and has steadfastly evolved into a WASC accredited, highly specialized day school that is characterized by relationship-based interventions, individualized education plans, an exceptional faculty, and year-round programs structured to meet the needs of the children we serve.

Journeys within education for the clients that we serve, however, have not always been filled with progress. Students and their families usually enter our school having experienced multiple school failures, extended absences, social isolation, and/or poor adjustment in a traditional school setting.  Families have typically been told that their student defies diagnosis and are looking for an answer to the omnipresent question, “what is going on for my child?”

CLU’s staff of experienced professionals brings together educators and professional service providers who diagnose and prescribe appropriate behavioral and learning strategies as part of an individual, stepped education plan.  Our initial work centers on helping students gain the adaptive social-emotional skills they need to engage more positively in their world and in learning. Respecting and attuning to a student’s availability for growth is an overarching anchor for the work that we do, so as a student becomes accessible for learning, our focus expands to include addressing the student’s academic, speech and language, graphomotor and computational deficits, as appropriate. Within each program that we offer, we create opportunities for collaboration, decision-making, social skill development, and building lasting interpersonal relationships.  Taken together, these elements set the stage for our students to have an enriched journey toward productive, independent and confident lives.

If you think that your student has academic, social, or emotional potential that has not been developed or is faltering due to neurologically-based difficulties, CLU may be able help your student progress to the next stage in their journey towards success.  It is with pleasure that I invite you to learn more about the unique Educational Programs offered at The Center for Learning Unlimited.  We encourage your inquiries and would welcome you to visit our school, take a tour and meet with our staff.

Warm regards,

Virginia Erxleben, Ed.D., BCET
Co-founder / Director