CLU Robotics: a path forward in math and science learning

Passionate about the value of education, Christi Edelbrock and the Edelbrock Family Foundation partnered with CLU in 2012 to create a program that would cultivate student interests and inspire math and science learning: CLU Robotics.

As of 2017, this program includes two Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited elective courses: Hobby Level Radio Controlled Robotics and Advanced Hobby Level Radio Controlled Robotics. Taken together, these hands-on, project-based courses offer students opportunities to learn robotic system fundamentals, explore drafting and design, and acquire fabrication skills for creating custom robotic vehicles.

CLU thanks Christi Edelbrock and the Edelbrock Family Foundation for their ongoing charitable support of this program and our school. Supporters like the Edelbrock Family Foundation ensure CLU has the resources necessary to encourage our students’ interests, celebrate their unique abilities, and enable them to become 21st century learners.

Watch the CLU Robotics Program in action below!

Robotics Video from CLU on Vimeo.

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WASC Commission awards CLU second 6 year accreditation term

CLU thanks the WASC Commission for this honor!


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“CLU Adventures” Video Series

The CLU Adventures video series profiles aspects of our relationship-based intervention model and selected program offerings.

CLICK to watch CLU Adventures: Pizza Friday.

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CLU Creative Animation Program

Creating a unique, tailored environment to meet the needs and strengths of our students is one of our priorities.  To that end, CLU is pleased to announce our Creative Animation program is now a formal offering to our students.

This flexible, expressive medium incorporates visual, tactile and auditory input and promotes planning, sequencing, problem solving, and collaboration. Animation can also increase motivation in students who prefer video games or technological creativity to class work or physical activities.  Click here to watch a short clip of this program in action.

Under the guidance of our Animation instructor, Jennifer Stillwell, Creative Animation students embarked upon the CLU Mascot Dance project in the fall of 2014 and learned the importance of protecting intellectual property by copyrighting their group’s name, the CLU Animaneers, as well as how to use Adobe’s program suite (i.e., Illustrator, Flash and Premiere Elements).

Designed, voiced, scored, and animated 100% by the CLU Animaneers:

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