Full-time Educational Programs

Full-time educational programs at The Center take place during the regular school day.

When students come to The Center, they are very often in crisis. Many have experienced extended absences from school, multiple school failures, social isolation and/or complex learning issues. So, we begin with a carefully formulated, relationship-based approach and set about the work of helping these students gain the adaptive social-emotional skills they need to engage more positively in their world and in learning.

The shorthand we use for this approach is “R.E.A.D.”© which stands for Relationships, Executive functioning, Assistive technology and Development. This sophisticated intervention puts into action highly effective strategies for guiding a wide range of students with learning and adjustment difficulties. Throughout our educational programs we create opportunities for our students to progress academically and:

  • build lasting, interpersonal relationships and master executive functioning skills (i.e., effective planning, time management and decision making),
  • use assistive technology, especially computer-based tools, for enhanced learning, and
  • explore their uniqueness through the development of personal talents and skills.

Taken together, these key elements of our approach set the stage for an enriched journey toward productive, independent and confident lives.

Student enrichment opportunities are included in each of our full-time educational programs and include: full kitchen/cooking access, music program, sensory diet/occupational therapy center, physical education, and a student maintained organic, agriculture garden. In each instance, adjunct programs and interventions are available to provide added flexibility to further optimize learning and adjustment.

Following are our full-time educational program offerings:

Watch this virtual tour to see our campus and these full-time programs in action!