Upper School (Grades 9 -12)

The Center’s high school program is a best match for students who need a small, supportive, full-time setting in order to successfully engage on a variety of levels to achieve their academic potential. Sheltered and intensive, this powerful program provides an important safety net of expert supervision and guidance that gets students on the right track whether their goal is a high school diploma or completion of college preparatory classes. It is an ideal place for pursuing academic interests that may not be served by the traditional high school curriculum. Students may also choose an accelerated academic program for early graduation or opt for college preparation through a demanding online course.

The high school program offers two paths: Personal Stepping Stones to the College Experience and Personal Stepping Stones to the Work Experience.

We also offer educational planning beyond high school graduation to assist and support our students during the college or vocational training phase of their continued education.


The Center offers quality high school courses in uniquely adaptable small class settings to meet the individual needs of our students. Ours is a dynamic and challenging curriculum that builds in students the skills necessary to work confidently and successfully toward high school graduation and personal growth. Concept mastery is assessed in a variety of ways, from traditional tests and essays, to oral or visual presentations.

Our entire Upper School curriculum is designed to fulfill the “a-g” Subject Requirements.  Each of our courses has either been certified or is in final review through the UC course approval process to meet “a-g” requirement standards. It is our goal to prepare students for their next journey, whether they will be off to college, trade school or employment.

Advanced Placement and Honors courses are available for juniors and seniors who want a more rigorous college prep experience. Career and college counseling is available beginning in the freshman year.


For more information on our Lower School Curriculum, please call 310-997-1900 (ext. 3) to speak to our Admissions and Testing Coordinator.
The Center for Learning Unlimited is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Center for Learning Unlimited does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin in the employment of any staff, or in the administration of any school programs, policies and procedures, including admission, financial aid, academics and extra-curricular activities.