Comments from some of our parents, families, and alumni about CLU…

Drake, came to CLU after 6 years in public school where the district curriculum is taught regardless of the student.  Some things he got and some he didn’t. When he didn’t get something, the public school approach was to repeat endlessly, even year to year.  This meant that he learned little, and became bored by the repetition of something he didn’t understand.  In his 2 ½ years at CLU he has started to learn how to learn and that there is more than one way to solve a problem or find an answer. The CLU Staff has helped inspire him by finding alternative approaches instead of repetition.  He is interested in current affairs, history, math (!), photography, and cooking and his world has opened up considerably.  CLU also brings together an understanding group of parents who help one another find laughter and joy in our children, in our amazing teachers, and amongst ourselves.

–         The Baxter Family

You guys are the most amazing team of life affirming guides I’ve met.  It starts with Ginny and permeates the entire CLU family. We are blessed to have been adopted into it.  And, no, I don’t get a “kick back” for all the times I pitch to everyone-who-will-listen how life changing the work at CLU and Sponderworks is for our kids. Eddie and I thank you all for what you do, day after day, with skill and enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference. You are the best and the kids are blessed. Many thanks, a million times over.

–         The Kehler Family

CLU has changed the lives of Joe and our family. They have allowed him the opportunity to attend school and grow socially, emotionally and academically.   With an amazing staff and individualized programs, CLU gives Joe the best possible environment.  We can now look forward to a successful path for Joe’s future.

–         Jeff and Corey Newman

Gabe would never have experienced all his current success without the tremendous efforts and support of everyone at CLU.  When I think back to Gabe’s first few months at CLU and compare it to his last few months, the difference is night and day.  No other school was able to work with Gabe and understand him like the folks at CLU.  The philosophy and program at CLU, together with the dedication and support of all the staff and professionals, was truly a “game-change” for Gabe and for our family. We are forever grateful!

–         The Vialpando Family

When Jill started CLU five years ago she was a shy withdrawn child that was not making herself available for learning. Jill could not read, or do math. Jill was constantly saying, “I can’t do this or that”.  After some trial & error, CLU got Jill reading and soon after she was progressing about 2 reading levels a year. Jill no longer uses the phrase, “I can’t”. CLU proved to Jill that she can. Besides reading, CLU used innovative methods to teach Jill math such as cooking for math and measurements, pizza for fractions. Best of all CLU gave Jill the gift of confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to the CLU music program and participation in some Relationship-based Activity Programs, Jill is no longer shy and withdrawn and has participated in the CLU talent shows! I will always be grateful to CLU and Ginny and the rest of the staff for all they have done for Jill.

–         Jeff Frankle

CLU greatly assisted me with improving my abilities in the areas of reading, life skills (i.e., cooking, money management, organizational skills), computers, communication, and mathematics. The skills I learned while at CLU have helped me to further my education and improve my overall life skills. I truly enjoyed being at CLU, it was an enjoyable and interesting experience. While at CLU, I took a photography class which also allowed me to take photos for the yearbook. This was one of the most memorable experiences that allowed me to develop into a well rounded student.

–         Lauren A.

I went to CLU for one year, but I truly felt that year was easily the most significant time of my high school career. It gave me the core tools I needed to discover my learning style, how to manage my time effectively and equipped me with the tools in which to study. I have carried with me all of the knowledge that I acquired at CLU into college, as I entered the workforce and now as I start my own business. Not only did I leave CLU more equipped academically but my overall experience was better than I could have asked.  From yoga classes, group therapy, great teacher support and amazing art classes, these things I remember fondly. My mom still has all of my art from that year hanging in her house!

–         Brittany G.