History and Mission

Our History

The Center for Learning Unlimited (CLU) was founded on the belief that each student should have hope and a path forward to learning.  Established in 1985, CLU was originally a small after-school tutoring agency located in Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  Since 2002, The Center has evolved into a small, highly specialized day school in Torrance, CA that serves both publicly and privately sponsored students with unique, complex learning challenges in grades K – 12. This therapeutic educational environment is characterized by relationship-based interventions, individualized education plans, an exceptional faculty, and year-round programs structured to meet the needs of its students and their families. CLU’s relationship-based intervention model is unique and has garnered impressive results; to date 90% of CLU students return to their original public or private school, 60% graduate high school, and 70% go on to complete post-secondary education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reconnect complex children with their academic, social and emotional potential, thereby empowering them to engage as citizens of the 21st century.

We believe that our students have the potential to be the best within their ability and to:

  • grow forward as a responsible, self-directed learner,
  • demonstrate relationship skills within social and classroom settings,
  • master the essential California State Content Standards, and
  • advocate their needs after they leave CLU.

To help accomplish these goals, our small community of professionals is grounded in interdisciplinary collaboration and brings together educators, physicians, psychologists, speech and language specialists and other experienced professionals in the service of our students and their families.  Given our relationship-based approach, our student population is purposefully small (i.e., <40 students across all programs) and has a high staff to student ratio.  Our staff work together to asses each student’s abilities and create an individualized and tailored educational plan which outlines a path forward to learning.  During our journey with students, our staff is dedicated to encouraging each student’s strengths, celebrating their unique abilities and setting the stage for additional progression towards a productive, independent and confident life beyond our doors.

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