Summer Activities

Like the services we offer during the regular school year, CLU’s summer activity schedule is holistic in nature and aims to support the social, emotional and educational needs of children and youth.

Summertime academic programs are the perfect place for children of all ages (elementary through high school) to practice or review basic skills in reading, math and writing, and boost their readiness for the upcoming school year. Those children in high school also have the option of taking AP, credit recovery or college preparatory classes.

In combination with our educational programs, we also offer themed camps designed for middle and early high school aged children. These full-day camps provide opportunities for students to build social and relationship skills in a planned, supervised and fun setting.

CLU summer activities are open to all students regardless of their “regular” school, and students can be enrolled in an academic program(s) and/or summer camp(s).

For more information, or to apply to these programs, please complete our Application form or call 310-997-1900 (ext. 3) to speak to our Admissions and Testing Coordinator.